Benefits of Installing Multiple Car Bass Speakers

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June 24, 2017
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Every vehicle owner wants to have the perfect audio system. Having good quality bass from your car audio system is essential in the overall music sound experience you will get from your car stereo. However, it is not easy to get that quality bass you want from your car stereo. Low-quality bass can ruin your entire music experience.

Irregardless of the kind of speakers you are using in your car, the bass plays a key role in the overall sound experience. Many car owners are not sure about the number of subwoofers they should have in their car. They usually wonder whether installing one subwoofer will suffice or whether it’s better to install multiple ones. While some car owners find it okay to just use one, perhaps due to limited space in their cars, others find it better to install multiple ones.

There are quite a number of factors to keep in mind when making such a big decision, such as the space in their boot or beneath their car seats and cost. That said, in this article, we have rounded up the top benefits of installing multiple subwoofers in your car.

Reduces Resonance

One of the crucial factors that affect the quality of bass you experience from your car audio system is room resonance. A car is just similar to an enclosed room. Having a subwoofer under your car seat or in your boot means that it’ll be installed in a limited space. The waves of sound it will produce will be reflected from the floor to the roof and from one wall of your car to the other. Thus, the sound will bounce within the available car space.

At some point, you will find that some frequencies are louder than others when playing music because of the bouncing waves of sound. This tends to influence the sound waves making some of the bass weaker. What you can do is to try to use your car audio system equalizers to balance the sound, but this is not a permanent solution. The best way to reduce the resonance within your car is by adding multiple bass sources. By installing multiple bass sources properly in your car, you’ll prevent the interference of frequencies and sound waves as well as reduce bouncing of the sound waves. This leads to smoother frequencies irregardless of your seating position.

Enhanced Stereo Effect

By adding multiple subwoofers in your car, you will be able to use a two-channel sound system, which makes it possible for you to preserve bass from your music system. This way, soundstage is expanded and imaging is as well enhanced. You can even use small smaller speakers not necessarily big ones. If your car doesn’t have enough space to install one large subwoofer, you can install multiple, smaller ones as they’ll offer a more enhanced stereo effect than a single bass source.

Helps to Eliminate Localized Bass

Even if you position a single woofer in the best place, it may not be efficient as that you may often fail to hear the deeper octaves. Thus, if you listen to bass coming from a single speaker, it will feel as if it’s coming from one specific location. But, if you use multiple subwoofers in your car, it will prevent this challenge. With multiple bass sources, you will hardly localize the source of the bass.

Multiple Speakers Fit in Any Space

Using multiple bass speakers doesn’t mean that they will consume the whole space of your car. Actually, as mentioned above, you can buy multiple, smaller subwoofers to fit in your limited car space. In fact, even two speakers will offer better performance than a single, bigger subwoofer.

That said, when you are planning to install a car music system or upgrade the existing one, choose two or more bass speakers instead of a single, big piece. Even if you have a limited budget, two smaller sets will suffice and may cost around the same price as a single, big speaker.
In addition to better sound quality, if you care about your car aesthetics, multiple, smaller speakers will actually appear more attractive than one, bigger set.

Thus, there’s no doubt that installing multiple car speakers offers more benefits than having a single big subwoofer.  When you’re ready to start, check out the latest rankings of best car speakers by caraudiologic, a great car audio site.

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